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Exam Code: 200-155
Exam Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
Q&As: 85

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200-155 Dumps

★Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 200-155 Dumps Exam Q&As★:

Amy is managing several ads for her insurance business in Knoxville, Tennessee. She would like to create a filter to see how her ads are performing, the number of impressions for the ads, and other details. How can Amy create this?
A. Amy will need to sign into her Google AdWords account, choose the Keywords tab, choose Languages and Locations, and then click the Filter option, to create a filter.
B. Amy will need to sign into her Google AdWords account, choose the Ads tab, and then click the Filter option, to create a filter.
C. Amy will need to sign into her Google AdWords account, choose the Settings tab, and then click the Filter option, to create a filter.
D. Amy will need to sign into her Google AdWords account, choose the Reporting tab, and then build the Filter.
200-155 exam Answer: B
Holly has a business of selling coffee beans online. She would like to start using Google AdWords but she has a limited budget for advertising. Which one of the following keywords would likely help Holly the most, considering her limited budget?
A. Coffee
B. -tea -free -samples
C. Gourmet coffee beans
D. Holly should add as many keywords as possible and then use the CPM method.
Answer: C
Ronnie has created an image ad for her design business. When she searches Google, however she’s not seeing the image ad displayed in the search results’ sponsored links. Ronnie thencreates a text ad for Google, and this ad shows up in the results. She then deletes the text ad and actives the image ad again – which still doesn’t show in the Google search results’ sponsored
links, like the other ads. Why do you suspect that the image ad isn’t showing in the Google Search results as part of the other ads?
A. Her image is probably in a .gif format; images must be in a .jpg format.
B. Her image ad must first be approved by Google before it’ll show in the Google Search resul ts.
C. Her image is probably too big to be used in the Google search listing.
D. Her image ad will only appear in the Google Content Network, not in Google Search.
200-155 dumps Answer: D
Steve is managing several Google AdWords account for his clients. Steve would like a way to prevent his clients’ ads from showing on his network. What tool can Steve use, to prevent his clients’ ads from appearing?
A. Steve can use the ‘IP Address Exclusion Tool’ option in Account Manager.
B. Steve can’t block Google AdWords ads from appearing – he just shouldn’t click on them.
C. Steve can use the ‘Prevent Ads from Displaying to Me’ option in Account Manager.
D. Steve can use the ‘Don’t Show My Clients’ Ads’ feature in Account Manager.
Answer: A
You are a Google AdWords consultant for your company and you’d like to do conversion tracking. How do you participate in the Google AdWords conversion tracking?
A. Through Google AdWords you’ll enable conversion tracking through your Home tab and Track Conversions.
B. You’ll compare your Google AdWords traffic to your site with the number of sales, signups, or other conversion targets, to determine your conversions.
C. You must add the Google AdWords conversion tracking code to your website’s HTML code.
D. Through your Google AdWords account you’ll choose Reporting, Edit Settings, and then check Customize tracking indicator.
200-155 pdf Answer: C
You are explaining the process of Google Query to a client. The client wants to understand how Google can create a tiny explanation and introduction of each website before you actually click on the link. Where does Google store the snippets of information that describe each entry in a search result?
A. Doc server
B. Index servers
C. Directly from the web page
D. Google web server
Answer: A
Gary is creating a new Google AdWords for his company which sells fresh-baked cookies online. He has created an advertisement describing his company’s cookies with this headline, minus the quotes ‘Try Our Fresh-Baked Cookies’ for his ad. What problem will Gary encounter with this headline?
A. There are too many characters in the headline.
B. There’s no problem with this ad headline.
C. The hyphen in the ad isn’t allowed.
D. Gary can’t use initial caps in the headline
200-155 vce Answer: A
John has a fireworks company in Tennessee and he’s created a video showing his incredible fireworks. He’d like to use the video as part of the Google AdWords’ video advertisement program. What must John do to display his video in the Google AdWords’ video program?
A. Nothing. Fireworks and pyrotechnic devices are not allowed.
B. Keep his video to 15 seconds or less
C. Use geo-targeting to marketing his fireworks only in locations where fireworks are legal.
D. Submit his advertisement to the adult content category for Google AdWords approval.
Answer: A
Placements are the locations on the Google Content Network where an ad can appear. What targeting features are offered by AdWords to target ads to the placements? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.
A. Automatic placements
B. Manual placements
C. Managed placements
D. Excluded placements
200-155 exam Answer: A,C,D
Fran is evaluating her keywords for her company. She is viewing the ad group for her company, but she’d like to see the Quality Score for the ads and keywords. How can Fran see the Quality Score?
A. The Quality Score is disabled by default. Fran needs to click ‘Columns’ and then select ‘Qual. Score’ to enable the Quality Score column.
B. The Quality Score is displayed next to each keyword in the keyword list. Fran needs to navigate to her keywords.
C. Google does not reveal the Quality Score.
D. The Quality Score is only shown through the Reports feature for ads. Fran needs to create a Performance Report for her keywords.
Answer: A

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