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Exam Code: 210-260
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Network Security
Q&As: 310

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210-260 dumps

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9.In an Enterprise Survivable Server (ESS) scenario, how do you save translations to your ESS server?
A.save trans
B.save trans all C.save
ESS settings D.save
trans cluster ESS
210-260 exam 
10.An Avaya IP phone is connected over a WAN link to the main office where the TN799 CLAN and
TN2302 IP Media Processor are located. The Avaya IP phone is registered properly on the CLAN. A DCP
phone calls the Avaya IP phone and the call is answered. The audio quality is poor in both directions, but
the call stays up until one of the users disconnects. Which two conditions cause this audio quality problem?
(Choose two.)
A.insufficient IP media processor resources
B.use of the G.711 codec to transmit audio over the WAN link
C.implementing Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ) on the edge router
D.intermittent connectivity between the Avaya IP phone and the CLAN
Answer:B C
11.In an S87xx MultiConnect, Port Network 18 has no IPSI. Which command will show the IPSI that is in
control of that Port Network?
A.Status fiber 18
B.List ipserver-interface
C.Status port-network 18
D.Status sys-link 18a0101 current
210-260 dumps 
12.A customer is using Avaya 4600 Series IP Telephones on an Avaya S87xx Server using several
TN799DP (CLAN) and TN2302 (Medpro) cards. Telephones located at a remote site are unable to
register with the CLAN. The CLAN can ping and be pinged. Which two commands or troubleshooting
methods can identify the problem? (Choose two.)
A.list sys-link

B.status station
C.list trace ras station
D.use a network sniffer between the phone and the network
Answer:C D
13.Which is a characteristic of a global VLAN ID?
A.must have at least five digits
B.can vary from one device to another
C.supports QoS between multi-vendor WAN/LANs
D.remains consistent across all VLAN tagging schemes
210-260 pdf 
14.Your customer asks you to verify the current subnet mask assigned to a remote Avaya G700 Media
Gateway P330 stack management interface. Which command should you use to obtain this information?
A.session stack
B.show interface
C.show interface mgp
D.show interface stack manager
15.You have an S8720 Server optioned for Software Duplication. Which Ethernet port is the Duplication
Link assigned to?
A.Ethernet 1
B.Ethernet 2
C.Ethernet 3
D.Ethernet 4
210-260 vce 
16.You are working with the powerful concept of a network region section. Which three parameters can be
set on the IP network region screen? (Choose three.)
A.H.323 endpoint
B.SIP enabled endpoints
C.hairpinning and shuffling
D.UDP port range parameters
E.QoS parameters such as DiffServ/TOS and 802.1p/Q
Answer:C D E
17.Which two statements about VoIP Monitoring Manager are true? (Choose two.)
A.VoIP Monitoring Manager is a GUI-based tool that can chart historical graphs of audio performance on
VoIP endpoints
B.VoIP Monitoring Manager can be used to troubleshoot VoIP endpoints registration problems and call
signaling problems
C.the reporting interval of VoIP Monitoring Manager can be varied depending on the required granularity
of the performance statistics
D.VoIP Monitoring Manager is a text-based tool that has the look and feel of a CLI and can be embedded
into Cajun switches as an add-on feature
210-260 exam 
Answer:A C
18.Which two parameters are found in an H.323 Signaling Group form? (Choose two.)
A.QoS parameters

B.a default gateway
C.the far-end network region
D.a TN799 C-LAN for call signaling
Answer:C D
19.A company purchases the right to use Avaya IP Softphone for 100 stations. The users complain that
the call center buttons (AUX, After-Call, Login, and Logout) programmed on their stations no longer work
as expected. What is the most likely cause of this problem?
A.TCP/UDP port blockage in the corporate WAN
B.improper administration of the stations in the PBX
C.users trying to use the application for non-supported functions
D.improper installation of the Avaya IP Softphone application on the users’ PCs
210-260 dumps 
20.Within a single Avaya Communication Manager 4.0, how can you have conflicting four digit extensions
for separate locations in a four digit plan?
A.you insert an additional digit on the incoming trunk group form
B.you enter a different UDP code on the dial plan analysis form and take it off in the incoming trunk group
C.you enter an extra digit on the dial-plan analysis and delete a digit in the routing pattern
D.you enter X where x is the location number on the uniform dial plan and prefix an additional first digit;
the changed number matches in AAR analysis and goes to a pattern

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