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Cisco 500-710 Video Infrastructure Implementation Exam:

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2020 [HOT] Most updated Cisco 500-710 questions and answers

Cisco Video Infrastructure Implementation exam(500-710 VII)Practice test

If a user of a SIPendpoint registered to an Expressway configure with only the domain physically dials “6501”,
which alias is presented in the SIP INVITE message?
A. [email protected]
B. [email protected]
C. [email protected]
D. 6501
Correct Answer: A

Which three hybrid connectors allow Cisco Spark to be integrated with an on-premises solution? (Choose three.)
A. Calendar Connector
B. Call Connector
C. Calendar Aware
D. Directory Connect
E. Directory Service
F. Calendar Service
Correct Answer: ABD

Which two statements about the relationship between the Expressway series and the Cisco Unified Communications
Manager are true? (Choose two.)
A. The Expressway solution can be peered with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager to allow for greater
B. The Expressway series can never operate as a standalone call-control solution.
C. The Expressway series requires the peering with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager to act as a call-control
D. The Expressway series may operate as a standalone call-control solution.
E. The Expressway series only supports SIP-based communications
Correct Answer: AB

Cisco Meeting Server uses four API commands to interact with the server. Which API command is used to modify a
configuration setting on the Cisco Meeting Server?
Correct Answer: B

Which Iwo administrative functions can a Cisco Spark Partner reseller perform from the Osco Spark Management
portal? (Choose two.)
A. Quickly start customer trials.
B. Determine Single Sign-On customer usage reports.
C. Enable Single Sign-On and Directory sync through corporate LDAP services on-premises.
D. Determine role-based access and view usage reports.
E. Help to manage the customer accounts.
Correct Answer: AE

When you write a new app in Tropo, in which format must the app scripts be saved?
A. .xml
B. .wav
C. .mp4
D. Js
E. .json
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements about the assignment of endpoints to a subzone are true? (Choose two.)
A. A registration restriction rule must be configured that matches the endpoint\\’s alias or IP subnet.
B. Endpoints making a traversal call must be registered to the traversal subzone.
C. By default, all endpoints are registered to the default subzone.
D. By default, all endpoints are registered to the neighbor subzone.
E. A subzone membership rule must be configured that matches the endpoint\\’s alias or IP subnet.
Correct Answer: CE

Which statement about setting up a call bridge cluster for a resilient and scalable Cisco Meeting Server deployment is
A. Call bridges can connect to databases in full mesh.
B. Call bridges only connect to the master database.
C. Only one call bridge should be configured per domain in a database cluster.
D. Call bridges can read/write to any database in a cluster at anytime.
Correct Answer: A

Which H.323 functionality exists on the Cisco Meeting Server?
A. H.323 registration, call control and H.323-to-SIP Interworking
B. H.323-to-SIP Interworking
C. H.323 registration and call only
D. H.323 registration and H.323-to-SIP Interworking, but no call control
Correct Answer: B

Which option is needed on Microsoft Exchange to integrate the Calendar Connector for Cisco Spark Hybrid?
A. AD integration for all users who have email addresses
B. impersonation account
C. Nothing is needed to set up the integration
D. administrator account for the Spark admin
Correct Answer: B

Which statement about Microsoft Skype for Business interoperability with Cisco Meeting Server is true?
A. Calls cannot be place between S4B and Cisco Meeting App users
B. Local directories can always be used between S4B users and CMA
C. Chat can be used between S4B and Cisco Meeting App users
D. Chat can be used between S4B and Cisco Meeting Server Spaces
Correct Answer: B

Which group of items must be configured when adding a Cisco Meeting Server toTMS before the server can be used in
scheduled conferences?
A. DNS address, numeric ID base, numeric ID quantity
B. domain, numeric ID base, conference ID range
C. MACaddress, numeric ID base, numeric ID quantity
D. domain, numeric ID base, numeric ID quantity
Correct Answer: D

Which option is the correct format for a SIP alias?
A. 212-555-1212
B. +12125551212
C. [email protected]
D. John.doe

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