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Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 300-101 Dumps Exam Q&As(1-21)
A network engineer executes the show ip cache flow command. Wich two types of information are displayed in the
report that is generated? (Choose 2)
A. top talkers
B. flow export statistics
C. flow sample for specific protocols
D. MLS flow traffic
E. IP packet distribution
300-101 exam Correct Answer: CE

Which of the below mentioned conditions form a neighbor relationship in EIGRP? (Choose three)
A. Hello or ACK received
B. AS number match
C. Hello timer match
D. Identical metric (k values)
E. Dead Timer Match
Correct Answer: ABD

At which layer does Cisco Express Forwarding use adjacency tables to populate addressing information?
A. Layer4
B. Layer 2
C. Layer 1
D. Layer 3
300-101 dumps Correct Answer: B

Which traffic does the following configuration allow? ipv6 access-list cisco permit ipv6 host 2001:DB8:0:4::32 any eq ssh
line vty 0 4 ipv6 access-class cisco in
A. all traffic to vty 0 4 from source 2001:DB8:0:4::32
B. only ssh traffic to vty 0 4 from source all
C. only ssh traffic to vty 0 4 from source 2001:DB8:0:4::32
D. all traffic to vty 0 4 from source all
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Will redistributed RIP routes from OSPF Area 2 be allowed in Area 1?
300-101 dumps
A. Because Area 1 is an NSSA, redistributed RIP routes will not be allowed.
B. Redistributed RIP routes will be allowed in Area 1 because they will be changed into type 5 LSAs in Area 0 and passed on into Area 1.
C. Because NSSA will discard type 7 LSAs, redistributed RIP routes will not be allowed in Area 1.
D. Redistributed RIP routes will be allowed in Area 1 because they will be changed into type 7 LSAs in Area 0 and passed on into Area 1.
E. RIP routes will be allowed in Area 1 only if they are first redistributed into EIGRP.
300-101 pdf Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
300-101 dumps
If R1 is configured for 6to4 tunneling, what will the prefix of its IPv6 network be?
A. 1723:1100:1::/48
B. FFFF:AC1F:6401::/16
C. AC1F:6401::/32
D. 2002:AC1F:6401::/48
E. 3FFE:AC1F:6401::/32
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
300-101 dumps
A new TAC engineer came to you for advice. A GRE over IPsec tunnel was configured, but the tunnel is not coming up. What did the TAC engineer configure incorrectly?
A. The crypto isakmp configuration is not correct.
B. The crypto map configuration is not correct.
C. The network is not included in the OSPF process.
D. The interface tunnel configuration is not correct.
300-101 vce Correct Answer: D

Which two methods of deployment can you use when implementing NAT64? (Choose two.)
A. stateless
B. stateful
C. manual
D. automatic
E. static
F. functional
G. dynamic
Correct Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit.
300-101 dumps
Which statement is correct regarding the operation of NAT-PT between the IPv4 and IPv6 networks shown?
A. The router will determine the IPv4 destination address.
B. The source IPv6 host can use DNS to determine the IPv6-to-IPv4 address mapping.
C. The host is statically configured with the IPv6-to-IPv4 address mapping.
D. ICMP can be used to determine the IPv6-to-IPv4 address mapping.
300-101 exam Correct Answer: B

Which statement about dual stack is true?
A. Dual stack translates IPv6 addresses to IPv4 addresses.
B. Dual stack means that devices are able to run IPv4 and IPv6 in parallel.
C. Dual stack translates IPv4 addresses to IPv6 addresses.
D. Dual stack changes the IP addresses on hosts from IPv4 to IPv6 automatically.
Correct Answer: B

The following configuration is applied to a router at a branch site: ipv6 dhcp pool dhcp-pool dns-server 2001:DB8:1:B::1 dns-server 2001:DB8:3:307C::42 domain-name example.com ! If IPv6 is configured with default settings on all interfaces on the router, which two dynamic IPv6 addressing mechanisms could you use on end hosts to provide end-to-end connectivity? (Choose two.)
A. EUI-64
300-101 dumps Correct Answer: AB

The OSPF database of a router shows LSA types 1, 2, 3, and 7 only. Which type of area is this router connected to?
A. stub area
B. totally stubby area
C. backbone area
D. not-so-stubby area
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements about EVN are true? (Choose two)
A. Virtual network tags are assigned per-VRF.
B. it is supported only on access ports.
C. Virtual network tags are assigned globally.
D. Routing metrics can be manipulated only from directly within the routing-context configuration.
E. The VLAN ID in the 802.1q frame carries the virtual network tag.
F. The VLAN ID is the ISL frame carries the virtual network tag.
300-101 pdf Correct Answer: AE

In which scenario can asymmetric routing occur?
A. active/active firewall setup
B. single path in and out of the network.
C. active/standby firewall setup
D. redundant routers running VRRP
Correct Answer: D

Which two options are requirements for EIGRP authentication? (Choose two)
A. A crypto map must be configured.
B. The Authentication key must be configured under the interface running EIGRP.
C. The authentication key must be configured within the EIGRP routing configuration.
D. The authentication key IDs must match between two neighbors.
E. A separate key chain must be configured.
F. AN IPsec profile must be configured.
300-101 vce Correct Answer: BD

Which of the following is a GRE Tunnel characteristic?
A. GRE impose more CPU overhead than IPSec on VPN gateways
B. GRE tunnels can run through IPsec tunnels.
C. GRE Tunnel doesn\’t have support for IPv6
D. GRE consists of two sub-protocols: Encapsulated Security Payload (ESP) and Authentication Header (AH).
Correct Answer: B

A network engineer has been asked to ensure that the PPPoE connection is established and authenticated using an
encrypted password. Which technology, in combination with PPPoE, can be used for authentication in this manner?
B. dot1x
C. IPsec
300-101 exam Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
300-101 dumps
Which interoperability technique implemented on the router would allow Host-1 to communicate with Host-2?
A. Dual Stack
C. 6to4 tunnel
D. GRE tunnel
E. ISATAP tunnel
Correct Answer: B

Which two statements are true about using IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously on a network segment? (Choose two.)
A. Hosts can be configured to receive both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses via DHCP.
B. Host configuration options for IPv4 can be either statically assigned or assigned via DHCP.Host configuration options
for IPv6 can be statically assigned only.
C. IPv6 allows a host to create its own IPv6 address that will allow it to communicate to other devices on a network
configured via DHCP. IPv4 does not provide a similar capability for hosts.
D. IPv4 and IPv6 addresses can be simultaneously assigned to a host but not to a router interface.
E. IPv6 provides for more host IP addresses but IPv4 provides for more network addresses.
300-101 dumps Correct Answer: AC

A network engineer enables OSPF on a Frame Relay WAN connecton to various remote sties, but no OSPF
adiacencies come up. Which two actions are possible solutions for this issue? (Choose Two)
A. Change the network type to point-to-murpont under WAN interface
B. Enable virtual Iinks
C. Change the networktype to nonbroadcast mutpoint access
D. Configure the neighbor command under OSPF process for each remote site
E. Ensure that the OSPF process number matches among all remote sites
Correct Answer: AD

A network engineer executes the andquot;ipv6 flowsetandquot; command. What is the result?
A. Flow-label marking in 1280-byte or larger packets is enabled.
B. Flow-set marking in 1280-byte or larger packets is enabled.
C. IPv6 PMTU is enabled on the router.
D. IPv6 flow control is enabled on the router.
300-101 pdf Correct Answer: A

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