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Certifications:Windows Server 2012
Exam Name:Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
Exam Code:70-412
Total Questions:424 Q&As
Updated:Mar 27, 2017
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70-412 exam

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Your network contains an Active Directory forest named contoso.com.
Users frequently access the website of an external partner company. The URL of the website is http://
The partner company informs you that it will perform maintenance on its Web server and that the IP
addresses of the Web server will change.
After the change is complete, the users on your internal network report that they fail to access the website.
However, some users who work from home report that they can access the website.
You need to ensure that your DNS servers can resolve partners.adatum.com to the correct IP ad- dress
What should you do?
A. Run dnscmd and specify the CacheLockingPercent parameter.
B. Run Set-DnsServerGlobalQueryBlockList.
C. Run ipconfig and specify the Renew parameter.
D. Run Set-DnsServerCache.
Correct Answer: D
The Set-DnsServerCache cmdlet modifies cache settings for a Domain Name System (DNS) server.
Run Set-DnsServerCache with the -LockingPercent switch.
/ -LockingPercent<UInt32>
Specifies a percentage of the original Time to Live (TTL) value that caching can consume. Cache locking is
configured as a percent value. For 70-412 exam example, if the cache locking value is set to 50, the DNS server does
not overwrite a cached entry for half of the duration of the TTL. By de- fault, the cache locking percent
value is 100. This value means that the DNS server will not over- write cached entries for the entire
duration of the TTL.
Note: A better way would be clear the DNS cache on the DNS server with either Dnscmd /ClearCache
(from command prompt) or Clear-DnsServerCache (from Windows PowerShell).
Reference: Set-DnsServerCache
Not A: You need to use the /config parameter as well:
You can change this value if you like by using the dnscmd command:
dnscmd /Config /CacheLockingPercent<percent>

You have a server named Server1.
You install the IP Address Management (IPAM) Server feature on Server1.
You need to provide a user named User1 with the ability to set the access scope of all the DHCP servers
that are managed by IPAM. The solution must use the principle of least privilege.

Which user role should you assign to User1?
A. DNS Record Administrator Role
B. IPAM DHCP Reservations Administrator Role
C. IPAM Administrator Role
D. IPAM DHCP Administrator Role
Correct Answer: D
The IPAM DHCP administrator role completely manages DHCP servers.

70-412 exam

Reference: What’s New in IPAM

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com. The domain contains a domain
controller named DC1 and a member server named Server1. Server1 has the IP Address Management
(IPAM) Server feature installed.
On Dc1, you configure Windows Firewall to allow all of the necessary inbound ports for IPAM.
On Server1, you open Server Manager as shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)

70-412 exam

You need to ensure that you can use IPAM on Server1 to manage DNS on DC1.
What should you do?
A. Modify the outbound firewall rules on Server1.
B. Modify the inbound firewall rules on Server1.
C. Add Server1 to the Remote Management Users group.
D. Add Server1 to the Event Log Readers group.
Correct Answer: D
To access configuration data and server event logs, the IPAM server must be a member of the domain
IPAM Users Group (IPAMUG). The IPAM server must also be a member of the Event Log Readers
security group.

Note: The computer account of the IPAM server must be a member of the Event Log Readers se- curity
Ref: Manually Configure DC and NPS Access Settings

You have a server named SCI that runs a Server Core Installation of Windows Server 2012 R2.
Shadow copies are enabled on all volumes.
You need to delete a specific shadow copy. The solution must minimize server downtime.
Which tool should you use?
A. Shadow
B. Diskshadow
C. Wbadmin
D. Diskpart
Correct Answer: B
DiskShadow.exe is a tool that exposes the functionality offered by the Volume Shadow Copy Service
The diskshadow command delete shadows deletes shadow 70-412 exam copies.

70-412 exam

Reference: Technet, Diskshadow

You have 20 servers that run Windows Server 2012 R2.
You need to create a Windows PowerShell script that registers each server in Windows Azure Backup and
sets an encryption passphrase.
Which two PowerShell cmdlets should you run in the script? (Each correct answer presents part of the
solution. Choose two.)

A. New-OBPolicy
B. New-OBRetentionPolicy
C. Add-OBFileSpec
D. Start-OBRegistration
E. Set OBMachineSetting
Correct Answer: DE
D: Start-OBRegistration
Registers the current computer with Windows Azure Online Backup using the credentials (user- name and
password) created during enrollment.
E: The Set-OBMachineSetting cmdlet sets a OBMachineSetting object for the server that in- cludes proxy
server settings for accessing the internet, network bandwidth throttling settings, and the encryption
passphrase that is required to decrypt the files during recovery to another server.
Not C: TheAdd-OBFileSpeccmdlet adds theOBFileSpecobject, which specifies the items to in- clude or
exclude from a backup, to the backup policy (OBPolicyobject). TheOBFileSpecobject can include or
exclude multiple files, folders, or volumes. T
Reference: Start-OBRegistration; Set OBMachineSetting

You have 30 servers that run Windows Server 2012 R2.
All of the servers are backed up daily by using Windows Azure Online Backup.
You need to perform an immediate backup of all the servers to Windows Azure Online Backup.
Which Windows PowerShell cmdlets should you run on each server?
A. Get-OBPolicy | StartOBBackup
B. Start-OBRegistration | StartOBBackup
C. Get-WBPolicy | Start-WBBackup
D. Get-WBBackupTarget | Start-WBBackup
Correct Answer: A
This example starts a backup job using a policy.
Windows PowerShell
PS C:\> Get-OBPolicy | Start-OBBackup
Not B. Registers the current computer to Windows Azure Backup.
Not C. Not using Azure
Not D. Not using Azure
Reference: Start-OBBackup

You have a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2 and is used for testing.
A developer at your company creates and installs an unsigned kernel-mode driver on Server1. The
developer reports that Server1 will no longer start.
You need to ensure that the developer can test the new driver. The solution must minimize the amount of
data loss.
Which Advanced Boot Option should you select?
A. Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
B. Disable automatic restart on system failure
C. Last Know Good Configuration (advanced)
D. Repair Your Computer
Correct Answer: A
A. By default, 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and later versions of Windows will load a ker- nel-mode
driver only if the kernel can verify the driver signature. However, this 70-412 exam default behavior can be disabled to
facilitate early driver development and non-automated testing.

70-412 exam

Not B. specifies that Windows automatically restarts your computer when a failure occurs Not C. Developer
would not be able to test the driver as needed Not D. Removes or repairs critical windows files, Developer
would not be able to test the driver as needed and some file loss
Reference: Installing Windows Server 2012

You have a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. When you install a custom
Application on Server1 and restart the server, you receive the follow- ing error message: “The Boot
Configuration Data file is missing some required information.
File: \Boot\BCD
Error code: 0x0000034.”

You start Server1 by using Windows RE.
You need to ensure that you can start Windows Server 2012 R2 on Server1.
Which tool should you use?
A. Bootsect
B. Bootim
C. Bootrec
D. Bootcfg
Correct Answer: C
* Bootrec.exe tool to troubleshoot “Bootmgr Is Missing” issue. The /ScanOs option scans all disks for
installations that are compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7. Additionally, this option displays the
entries that are currently not in the BCD store. Use this option when there are Windows Vista or Windows
7 installations that the Boot Manager menu does not list.
* Error code 0x0000034 while booting.
1. Put the Windows Windows 7 installation disc in the disc drive, and then start the computer.
2. Press any key when the message indicating “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD …”. appears.
3. Select a language, time, currency, and a keyboard or another input method. Then click Next.
4. Click Repair your computer.
5. Click the operating system that you want to repair, and then click Next.
6. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, click Command Prompt.
7. Type Bootrec /RebuildBcd, and then press ENTER.
Not A. Bootsect.exe updates the master boot code for hard disk partitions to switch between BOOTMGR
and NTLDR. You can use this tool to restore the boot sector on your computer. This tool replaces FixFAT
and FixNTFS.
Not D. The bootcfg command is a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 utility that modifies the Boot.ini file.
Reference: Bootsect Command-Line Options

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